Prestige Art Gallery

Restorations & Appraisals


RESTORATIONS: Keeping your art in good condition.

Who thought that so many years would go by so fast? If you are among the clients who purchased paintings over 20 years ago, then your art most likely needs a preventative professional cleaning and re-varnish, NOW. Older art works might need restoration as well. This is something few clients can see themselves. Often I am told, “My art is fine,” but when I inspect your art with my trained eye, the varnish is often gone and fine cracks are beginning to appear. These cracks will lead to paint and value loss.

All paintings have a original protective varnish covering their surface.This varnish acts like a chemical glass and helps keep the surface clean and bright. Over the years this varnish disappears or becomes damaged, leaving the surface of your art vulnerable to dirt, dust and damage.

We inspect each art work and provide a written estimate of the work needed to insure the long term value and beauty of your art.

Please keep in mind the difference between a simple cleaning and re-varnish and a more extensive restoration is only a matter of time.


APPRAISALS: Is your art properly insured?

“WHAT IS MY ART WORTH?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get asked. In order to tell I need to see your art work in person. In this case photos rarely show me the details needed to make an appraisal.

As a graduate of the International Society of Appraisers I received my Certificate of Membership # 6821469 in 1998. More importantly I bring my 50 years of fine art knowledge to every appraisal as well.

My fees are based on time and work, never use an appraiser who charges a % of the value. If your art is not valuable most times I charge a very small fee for less than three items. Please call me for a quote on appraising your collection. This fee includes where you might best sell your art as well tips on proper insurance, and the answers to all your questions.

Note: You also want to avoid any appraiser who offers to buy your art without first doing a professional written appraisal. Never sell your art  to anyone who appraises it without a second opinion.


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