Selling Your Art


Please read this before contacting me.

We are receiving a large volume of requests from former and new clients about liquidating their art. While we are happy to talk with each client on an individual basis here are some general facts.

It is impossible for us to “take back” or repurchase every art work purchased from us over the last 50 plus years of business. The time involved, amount of space needed, extra insurance costs and changing markets make this impossible. Tastes and styles change constantly.

We have always prided our gallery on selling art at a low and fair market price, but now that you are selling you want to maximize your profit potentials. We will help you with current  market values, possible conservation needs, and the best possible ways to sell your art. We charge a minimum fee of $50 per hour for this service. Larger collections require more time and I am happy to give each client a custom quote before beginning this service.

You need to first find any paper work that goes along with your art. Most helpful are your original sales receipts, or original appraisals. Any certificates that came with the art are also helpful.  Guessing what you might have paid years ago is very difficult for us to do.

We need quality digital photos taken of all artworks you want to sell. Please include the artist, title, prices paid and the size of the artwork and your name and phone number.  Having these on file helps us show them to potential new clients and I can also add them to my web site for a small fee as well.

Please forward these to, along with titles, sizes and prices paid, and your name and phone number. In the subject line place the word, Appraisal. We can take the digital photos of your art in your home if needed, this can be included in the $50 per hour fee.

Please keep in mind that original paintings that are older than 20 years need to all be professionally cleaned and revarnished, without exception. Paintings more than 30 years old most always need  more intense restorations done. We can quote you a price on this as well and do the work needed, but we must inspect the art in person first.

Please call me directly for specifics on your art collection and how we can be of further help.


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